Welcome to Columbus Aftercare

Experience and integrity. Cornerstones of thirty-plus years conducting substance-misuse evaluations, education, and treatment.


Responsive You Say?

Yes! We honor our responsibility to balance public safety and the return-to-duty process for all safety-sensitive positions.

Evidence-based evaluation

Columbus Aftercare utilizes multiple evidence-based self-report measures to insure accuracy in our evaluations.

Consulation Services

DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements can be confusing. Please feel free to contact us for advice, direction, or interpretation.

Who We Are

The Substance Abuse Professional's (SAP) primary function is to protect the public safety interest by providing evaluations of employees and making recommendations concerning appropriate education, treatment, follow-up tests, and aftercare, in the event that the employee returns to the performance of safety-sensitive functions.

What We Do

The Federal Department of Transportation has approved Craig Rich to perform DOT Safety Sensitive Alcohol/Drug Evaluations as a Substance Abuse Professional, meeting the needs of those who are required to participate in specific protocols to ensure public safety so as to return to duty after testing positive for alcohol/drugs.

What People Are Saying

From Evaluations to Return-To-Duty

  • "I never thought I could do this. I am really proud of myself."

    Jose, Kodak
  • "Columbus Aftercare gave me the treatment hours I needed, fast."

    Stephen, Pratt & Whitney
  • "The Prime Solutions treatment curriculum confirmed to me that I was doing the right thing. I just needed to keep it up."

    Jessica, Outback Steakhouse